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Who am I?


30 September
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Hello there! Welcome to my little corner on the Internet.

My name is Sandrine. Online, I am known as eileen0001 or delicatesoul88.

In the real world, I am a 20-something, recent college graduate, work in the human services field and aspire someday to return to school for Business/Healthcare Administration. My favourite color is purple. I am a sucker for vanilla ice cream.

Online, I am a long-time simmer and aspiring novelist. I mostly play Sims 2, although I also have Sims 4, and play that in my spare time. I bought and downloaded The SIMS 3 games and a couple of expansion packs, didn't like them and now, am back! SIMS 2 rocks!

I like having friends. I would usually friend people if they seem nice and friendly. I would also friend back if you friend me. But, if a couple of weeks go by with no response, I will probably unfriend back. Mutual friends are nice to have.
And, let's face it - one-sided friendships suck.

So, why writing?

I write stories as my creative outlet, and as a means to share my beautiful pix-elated 'mini's' - amongst other things. I enjoy it. Most of the time, they focus on my life, my family and my friends and translate into stories. So far, I've written over 12 books.

I created a main website for Cederville Heights. -> http://cedervilleheights.blogspot.com/

There is an lj community for the story as well -> http://eileen-0001.livejournal.com/

I have a simblr -> http://delicatesoul88.tumblr.com/

I am also on Flickr site -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/eileen0001/
amongst a few, drama, etc, my interests include: detective, mystery, reading and writing, romance